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23 year old gamer who likes homestuck, pretty men, pretty ladies, cryaotic, mangaminx, markiplier, dbz, fallout, skyrim, mass effect, dragon age, vegeta, and a range of books. And whatever game takes my fancy.

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Very nifty.  Send a girl from India to school.

Site here

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I just bought a math and pencil set for two girls, but some don’t have anything yet. If you have extra cash please try to help.


Homosexuality is unnatural! It says so in this book where snakes talk, people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby.



Here is a brochure I made for my son to take to school. I highlight his more specific concerns in the “Common Symptoms” section before I give it to his teacher. I also have used it for swimming lessons, scouts, and other activities. I figure maybe someone else could get some use out of it too.

oooh, this is actually i think the most accurate ‘school guide’ i’ve seen for dyspraxia!

i also really like the note about it being different for everyone, because some of the symptoms listd here don’t effect me (i don’t have problems with nonverbal cues and do better with unpredictable situations rather than structured) but the ones i do have are *huge* deals (memory and concentration problems especially) and i shouldn’t be written off as “not as dyspraxic” due to whether i fit the neat little boxes.

"After killing his family,
the father hung himself
with an umbilical cord
they had in the garage”








Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely loved nature and animals.

This man was beyond real

"Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first."
- Steve Irwin (r.i.p.)

okay but that snake bit him right in the neck and he didnt even flinch






honestly, this is so important though. at 18, i had been depressed for so long that i was afraid of what would happen if it were to get treatment. “if this part of me goes away, who am i? will i still be the same me?” i was legitimately afraid of getting help for myself. your depression may shape you, but it doesn’t define you.












Niggas be like ”He don’t bite”

"He still a baby"

"he won’t hurt you, just pet him"

That’s not a dog it’s a lion o_o

I’ve had dogs bound up to me like that and all they did was give me a hug and lick my face.
Hell I had a wolf (genuinely, it was at a wolf sanctuary) do this to me one time.

Plus, look at how sturdy that leash is, and the grip he has on it. He’s making sure the dog doesn’t jump on anyone. Dude’s just got a big dog.

That dog’s tail is wagging a mile a minute. It’s not being aggressive, it’s just getting a little over excited.

That being said, it can be extremely intimidating to have such a large animal jump at you like that even if it is just trying to say hello.

This kid understands that and has a very good hold on his dog. He isn’t alarmed or surprised by the dog’s actions. The dog isn’t acting out of the ordinary. It’s just excited.

And notice the guy makes a little noise. It’s hard to tell because the gif moves too fast, but I would bet that’s him training the dog to recognize, “When I hear this noise, I stop.” 

P. sure the movement with his other hand is a clicker. Clicker training is reward-based and hella awesome.

You go dog owner, 4 for you.

Awwwwwww! Look at the big baby!
Love big dogs~

True this could be a little intimidating at times, but you can tell when these big babies are in control or not




live to ride

how did bikers ever get the reputation of being fearsome. Everything I’ve ever heard about them is always rides for charity, helping stray animals, telling kids to stay in school and doing cute shit like this and generally being nicer than 90% of the population. 

idk maybe the fact that most of the largest methamphetamine  distributors in america are various biker gangs, and most have gone under FBI investigation for such. The Warlocks are white supremacists, the Bandidos sniped a guy in a restaurant, the founder of The Outlaws was #3 on the FBI’s Most Wanted List in ‘99, The pagans are flat out proud nazis, also involved ina small massacre in New York, The Mongols did so much fucked up shit that wearing their patch alone is illegal, but thanks for staying positive “lotrlockedwhovian




the pro-life movement can be summed up by the fact that one of my friends who’s pregnant was taking the bus home from downtown when all the people from the March for Life were also leaving and she asked a young girl sitting in the priority seating if she could sit down because she’s pregnant and the girl replied, “well I’m really tired, i was at the march all day.”


Are you fucking joking

❝ This dominant narrative surrounding the inevitability of female objectification and victimhood is so powerful that it not only defines our concepts of reality but it even sets the parameters for how we think about entirely fictional worlds, even those taking place in the realms of fantasy and science fiction. It’s so normalized that when these elements are critiqued, the knee-jerk response I hear most often is that if these stories did not include the exploitation of women, then the game worlds would feel too “unrealistic” or “not historically accurate”. What does it say about our culture when games routinely bend or break the laws of physics and no one bats an eye? When dragons, ogres and magic are inserted into historically influenced settings without objection. We are perfectly willing to suspend our disbelief when it comes to multiple lives, superpowers, health regeneration and the ability to carry dozens of weapons and items in a massive invisible backpack. But somehow the idea of a world without sexual violence and exploitation is deemed too strange and too bizarre to be believable. ❞

- Tropes vs Women in Video Games, Women as Background Decoration: Part 2



was this a real musical

the new Batman versus Superman movie looks great


Thank you I am a fuckboy.

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